Current Clients

Office Protocol

Before Network Adjustments

  • Avoid heavy meals or alcohol three hours prior.
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to allow for easy respiration.
  • Remove shoes, belts, glasses, and all items in your pockets.
  • Remove any neck jewelry and large earrings.
  • Schedule next visits and handle financial obligations.
  • Pick up your travel card, enter the Network Adjusting room, pick up a face cloth, and lie face down.
  • Make sure all cell phones and pagers are turned off.

During Network Adjustments

  • Close your eyes
    Helps educated mind to let go of the attachment to observing outside oneself and thinking.
    Conscious thoughts interfere with your feelings often distracting you from the healing process.
  • Breathe deeply, no more deeper than comfortable
    Allows for easier release of old patterns locked in the spine and nervous system.
    Helps to integrate the Network Adjustment.
    Shallow breathing is associated with constriction and non-healing
  • Do not try. Be a participant in the journey

After Network Adjustments

  • Gather your belongings, bring your travel card to the front desk, re-assemble yourself.
  • Please take a 5 minute walk before you drive.
  • Should your schedule and weather permit, enjoy the tranquility of the trails and beach right outside the front of our office.
  • Please drive carefully.
  • It is okay to exercise anytime before or after a Network Adjustment, always listening to your body, spine, and its needs.

Subsequent Visits

While on the table for the few moments while you are receiving your Network Adjustment, suspend your thoughts and bring your attention to your body and breathe. Feel what the body is wanting and simply pay attention.

In each Level of Care your level of active participation in the process will increase in complexity and attention while simultaneously you are learning new inherent strategies for living and healing. As your wellness facilitator we will communicate in each level what we want you to be aware of and coach you during you visits.

With each level of care, we will have workshops to demonstrate successful participation in each level and the power of the healing waves that will develop in your spine. It is a very enriching, joyous healing experience and journey.

A Network Adjustment or spinal entrainment can last from 5-20 minutes depending on the level of care and what is needed that day. Please plan 30 minutes in and out our door, including preparing to get on the table and walking outside after every visit.

Ways to participate in your healing process

  • Receive Network adjustments or spinal entrainments at the frequency recommended. The frequency of your visits varies according to your desired wellness goals. Some clients want to follow the specific Network Spinal Analysis levels of care, while others want to get their own schedule. We will work with you to achieve the results you want, but your expectations must be consistent with your efforts.
  • Practice Somato Respiratory Integration™ exercises at home. You can learn to do these exercises in our office and read “The Twelve Stages of Healing” book that describes these exercises in detail, written by Dr. Donald Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal Analysis™.
  • Participate in our classes that describe the Network Spinal Analysis Levels of Care and demonstrate the unique Healing Waves. Click here find out about Classes and Events

Healing Concepts and your Participation

  • Read about, listen to healing and unifying principles of life.
  • Find solutions to life situations by going within and ask your innate self for the answer, be still, listen and feel for a response.
  • The communication lines will be opening as you receive Network Care.
  • Listen for the commonly unheard, feel for the commonly unfelt, and look within for the commonly unseen. Healing involves growing beyond one’s usual frame of consciousness.
  • Healing is rarely comfortable or convenient.
  • Recognize that change will occur in your body-mind and in your life.
  • You are the solution.